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Where is my box? I cannot seem to find one that fits.

My greatest strength is being able to recognize and understand the value of others. This allows me to better understand why the technologies, knowledge and accomplishments of every one is important to long term success. I have a knack for seeing the whole picture and sensing the proper balance. Since the linkages include far more that is normally visible or disclosed, I’ve learned to see the "Invisible" links between the elements and how they need to be arranged for them to work together in the most cost effective and efficient systems.

After 15 years in engineering and real estate investing, a friend led me into the “Co-generation” business. I founded a company in 1986, called Altresco, In developing The Altresco Pittsfield 165 Mw CHP plant we created a new path that make natural gas an accessible fuel for New England, Based on our ability to accomplish the impossible in Pittsfield, we were requested, and succeeded in created financeable private power generation in the Philippines and India.

Water has always been something I viewed as more important than electricity and along the way I was asked to serve as president of the local Sierra Vista Douglas County Water district. During early days in engineering and recently, from an energy and water perspective I have worked with food processing from point of harvest to final product, I’ve also worked with mines, mills, factories, and water from headwater to oceans, including all of the paths through the cities and farmlands in between. .
And, concurrently, I have been involved in several aspects of the finance, and investment banking field, including investment real estate, oil and gas, and energy generation and technologies.

I am a certified flight instructor, a qualified glider pilot, a Master SCUBA diver, rode a bicycle across the Rocky Mountains, built-an isolated mountain cabin, (hand tools, no electricity available) been capable of wilderness outdoor survival since I was eight years old. It is truly an amazing world with endless adventures and things to learn.

I have seen and experienced the world from 2000 feet underground in a coal mine to 60,000 feet above the ground in the Concorde. And hiked and climbed on land from below sea level to 20,000 feet in the Himalayas.

Every experience has a face or faces, and a history from first idea to today. Thousands of teachers and experiences have provided me with an exceptional toolkit for creating exceptional solutions.

There is brilliance and amazing opportunities everywhere one looks. We just need to weave it into value and reality.

After everything I have imagined and accomplished, There is no question that my true mission on earth is ahead, and the biggest impacts are in reach.

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