Bill Williams

Special Areas of Interest

There are a few special areas of interest to me that I have made a personal commitment to further.
Achievable environmentalism: The ability to have the energy, water and food that we need without "using up" out natural resources exist today. Through education and activism we can accelerate the implementation of sustainable practices. I am commited to overcoming the current perceptions that sustainabilty requires compromise in our quality of living and illuminating the miriad of oportunities we have to create a sustainable world.
Sustainable capitalism: enabling organizations to increase profitability and efficiency while becoming more environmentally and socially responsible. A key part of this concept is creating businesses that provide opportunities for employees to appreciate and be appreciated by the organization for their significance and value.
Family and the opportunity to create a loving, caring, supportive home that is not jeopardized by the demands of work.

Mindfulness and appreciation for the abundance that is available to us.

Turning good ideas into great realities.

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