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Founder and Principal 1991...
Altresco International LLC Denver, CO

Altresco International has been the umbrella company for various power projects in the US and overseas. It was the parent of Altresco Philippines, Luzon Power, and Altresco Beijing BVI., Altresco International has been a sponsoring corporation for a number of Alternative Energy ventures and many of my angel investment activities and project participations.

These ventures have included the Deming NM CCPG that reached commercial operation as the 570 MW Luna Generating Station, Luzon Power which resulted in the 460 MW Quezon Power coal fired project in the Philippines. More recently we co-created Enso Energy for the purpose of assisting in the definition of best case utilization of woody biomass excesses generated by the beetle kill issue in Colorado. Through the development of a comprehensive model of factors affecting biomass generation we have been able to define the optimum parameters required for viable biomass utilization. 

Founder and Co Manager  

Altresco Integrated LLC 2009-present

In 2009 it became apparent that Microgrids and Integrated Generation and Load Balancing were going to be the only way to achieve the percentages of renewable energy penetration desirable today. Since we had relationships with every sector, including the transmission operators and dispatch centers. By drawing on our network and 25 years of experience we have bee able to design several solutions that will triple the amount of renewable energy that can be integrated into today's reliable electricity and energy supplies.

Principal and Asset Manager

Evergreen Assets Private Asset Management Group 1998-2008 Responsible for managing asset portfolio.

I worked with several battery technology companies as well as virtually every type of "Electricity" storage that has been announced. I have been involved in evaluating the original concept, arranging acquisition of the intellectual property, mentoring the process development team, establishing relationships with National Renewable Energy Labs in Golden, Colorado and continue to serve as the managing partner of the largest shareholder. Evergreen Assets has evaluated dozens of "Great Ideas" over the last decade and a half. Unfortunately, until the last 3 years we have seen nothing the provided adequate benefit to the entire value chain. Todau However we are seeing an amazing set of opportunities to build on the work and deployment of renewable energy.

Founder 1996-Present
The Center for Integrated Infrastructure Strategies, Inc. Denver, CO

As Founder, I was heavily involved establishing the mission and mode of operation for CIIS. Our objective at CIIS has been to study and help implement integrated use of the financial strength that is necessarily created to obtain financing for power projects. The objective is to multiply the benefits of the infrastructure created for the energy facility. An example of this is the use of the integrated plant water purification facilities to provide potable water and sanitary sewer for up to 10,000 nearby residences that have not been had indoor water or sewer before in areas of India. The mission of CIIS is: To facilitate the development of optimum infrastructure strategies, policies and projects for Nations, Commerce and The Environment.

Chairman, CEO, and co-founder

I led the development, financing and construction of the $200,000,000 Pittsfield Massachusetts General Electric Cogeneration facility. AFI also led development of the $15,000,000 Berkshire gas pipeline project. We initiated the Altresco Lynn GE Cogeneration development effort, which culminated in Altresco Lynn winning the bids for power sale necessary to build the facility. The Altresco Pittsfield project accomplished a number of in the power industry.

We created and used precedent setting indexed gas purchase agreement to secure bankable 15 year gas supply contracts.

Only full non-recourse project debt financing on a fully dispatchable gas fired co-generator.

We were the first Independent Power Producer to become a member of the New England power pool (NEPOOL) with a system that allowed the plant to be fully dispatchable without risking the reliability of steam to GE.

We developed $15,000,000 Berkshire gas pipeline project with the endorsement of the LDC.

Principal and as the broker for Property Resources Inc from 1975 through 1983,I put together limited and general partnerships and acquired, managed, developed, and financed various real estate projects involving apartment complexes, shopping malls, office industrial parks and buildings in Denver, Atlanta and South Carolina. I specialized in acquiring and turning around distressed properties and REOs


Speaker: Infrastructure for the New Millennium. NY, NY. October 4, 1999
Presentation: Merchant Power Financing Structures applied to Integrated Projects.

Speaker: Euromoney Conference Asia Power 94, Hong Kong, August 24, 1994
Presentation: The Altresco Approach to the Asian Power Market

Speaker: BOT Asia. Hong Kong, November 23, 1994
Presentation: Power in Asia- A Developers Perspective

Speaker: Asia Power 95 London, June 23, 1995
Presentation: New Directions for developing power projects in Asia

Quezon Power


Quezon Power is comprised of a 460 MW coal-fired electric generating facility and a 31-kilometer transmission line in Mauban, Philippines.
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Nomination Project


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