Bill Williams

 Lessons from the path.

There are few codes I’ve come to believe in.

I note these as much for my own reminders of hard learned lessons as to to put them out there for you to believe.

They have worked pretty good for me though and if any give you a smile or a nod of confirmation that we are all students of the same humanity,
then I’m glad I’ve shared them.

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· No matter how much I know there are always people way smarter in any given area of knowledge than me. If I fully appreciate this and seek them out, they are almost always willing to share that knowledge and insight with me. My interest and willingness to learn is way more important than genius.

· I prefer to be a generalist and apply other people’s genius than try to be an expert in one field to the exclusion of other experiences and learnings.

· Be adaptable. The major successes I’ve had have emerged from information I’ve gained in pursuit of my initial objectives, which start as goals and then turn into milestones as you pass them on the way to the ultimate solution

· Success most often lies in the land of re-iteration. The path to achievement usually leaves a trail of shredded assumptions

· Ask the tough questions first.

· The best way to get a deal done is to create a win-win situation, the best way to get paid is to be valuable and the best way to get paid in full and on time is to be the key to future wealth recognized as even greater than your value today.

· Sometimes you’ve gotta be a tough sob in order to survive long enough to be kind and gentle.

· No matter what the contract says, know that true equity will ultimately rule. Oversights will be noticed, imbalances will become apparent, underserved participants will withdraw and support will wither. Without the continuing support of all of the stakeholders or parties the wheels will fall off at the first pothole.

· Transparency reduces the likelihood of misrepresentations or misinterpretations becoming hidden mines that will wreck the undertaking just when things seem to be going well. Unrecognized imbalances are the greatest cause of transaction failure. Sometime, somewhere someone will always spot inequities and try to turn them into personal equity.

· Adding value is the surest way to make a fair amount of money.

· It is natural to be primarily committed to our own well being first. This applies to all organisms including flora and fauna, people and organizations. Generosity is a fleeting thing unless the benefactor is very clear on the benefit of being generous.

· Never expect anyone to do something that is knowingly against their best interest, no matter what they say or how noble it seems.

· Trust people who are doing something that is in their best interest and are clearly aware of it.

· You can only expect people to do their best when they recognize that it is best for them too.

· Don’t assume that people will easily recognize what is in their best interest.

· Bird’s nests lying on the ground are almost always there for a reason.

· If it’s really a good idea, a lot of people have thought of it. Find out what stopped it and why

· When you ask “what’s in it for me” always accompany it with “what’s in it from me”.

· I can keep my side of the road clean but I am not qualified to judge how other people are doing. I can only decide whether I wish to participate with them or not.

· Don’t take yourself too seriously, we are human after all.

· Appreciate that we all have different needs, values, learnings and perspectives. The fact that they are different does not make them bad or good. It just means that they are different. If we learn to find out those values and respect them we will have a much more enjoyable life.

· Integrity involves taking a stand and owning it and being visible with it.

· In order to accomplish the “impossible” you must be able to see the “invisible.”

· Commit to avoiding self-betrayal. You’ll have a better more enjoyable life and you won’t be so damn judgmental.

· Get over being important. We each have a role in the universe. These roles are not more or less important. They all fit together and are critical to the universe as we know it. Remember, no matter how significant we are, the universe is amazingly adaptable to either our presence or our absence...

· It is our option to increase or decrease our input and outtake levels. The fullness of our lives is up to us.

· Be nice- (unconditionally.) It feels good and nobody can take it away from you.

· Be worth it. You’re not the only person who has invested in your current state of being.

· Events happen. We choose how to react to them. It is possible to modify the tapes that govern our reactions to create new and purposeful reactions.
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