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The System

Every enterprise or project is a set of interlocking parts. Each of these parts is a system in its own right. Some of the biggest challenges in project/business/enterprise development are understanding the workings and dynamics of each system to a degree that one can identify the natural connectors that will anchor it to the whole. I have spent my life accruing the knowledge and experience that allow me to identify these connectors or a least to find a way to identify them.

In the process of developing or assisting in the development of numerous projects I have invariably discovered the key competitive advantage we needed during through the process of understanding the systems and motivating factors of each part.

The Network
Since my teen years, working summers, and traveling with my father, as he made sales calls on mines, ranches, power plants and industrial facilities in Colorado, Utah, Arizona New Mexico and Wyoming. I have always had a clear understanding of the importance of a robust and dependable network of sources of products and information. I have always viewed my network as my most important asset. Throughout the years, I have done what it takes to maintain these relationships and have many dating back 30 years. These provide me with the access to information I need to be able to do quick and accurate evaluations of proposed opportunities.

Over the last 20 years I have built alliances with many leading companies in the energy industry

General Electric Divisions
Aero Space
Tenneco/El Paso
New England Power
Northeast Utilities
Manila Electric
Machine Ministry of China
Mitsui Heavy Industry
Fieldstone Capital Group
City of Pittsfield MA
Fluor Daniels
Commonwealth Edison
R.W. Beck Engineering
Boston Edison
Sulzer Diesel
Wartsila Diesel
Asia Development Bank
Jacobs Engineering
Balfour Beatty
TransCanada Pipeline
Nova Pipeline

There are hundreds of individuals that comprise my network and I am more than happy to provide references when appropriate.

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